It’s time to answer the call of
your Wild! 


What the heck is a WILD THING EXPEDITION? 

I’ll tell you what it’s not…it is not just a vacation!

It’s about remembering who you were born to be (your WILD self) – not who you were trained to be.

​It is the opportunity to take time out for just you.  A time to focus your attention on one thing, and one thing alone…your Self. 

It’s also about Sisterhood: the strength and wisdom we share with each other. The unconditional love and support we give each other.

It’s about having a  sacred space to explore secret dreams we might never explore alone. 

It’s about believing in each other and the infinite possibilities open to each one of us. 

It’s about declaring outloud, your wildest dreams – and being witnessed in this declaration – and believed in.

It’s also about having fun, being silly and laughing out loud!​ 

It’s about returning home knowing exactly what you want to do to shake things up career-wise and otherwise! And armed with inspired plans to make it happen!

It’s about taking a walk on the Wild Side! 

Every year, I add a new destination – one that is calling me personally – one that I feel will offer the right environment for personal discovery and transformation…

Check out all our destinations:

Wild Thing Expedition – 2018


Real Words From Real Wild Things

  • “Meeting such an incredible group of women at the 1st Wild Things retreat felt like I had found my tribe. I felt supported, seen, heard. It was like a safe little den where our baby Wolf cub souls were nurtured, stimulated, and supported by our Mama Wolf! Exploring my wild thing self, I was able to envision my future self evolving. It set me on a new path towards my true self.
  • Last year’s Wild Thing Retreat literally changed my life. I can’t wait to see what happens this year!”
    Abbegail Eason
  • “I think the most important thing I learned was how valuable it is to step away from my daily routine in order to recognize how chaotic and stressed my life can become. I cherish the opportunity the Wild Things gathering gave me to purposefully explore my beliefs, my thoughts, my feelings and my heart’s desires to see if they were congruent the life I was living. I learned that strangers could become friends in the blink of an eye. I learned that once I disclosed and ‘named’ my heart’s desires to this wonderful group of women my desires became objectives that have guided me forward. The positive power of the group gave my desires wings to soar and I’m much happier for it.  I can’t wait to treat myself to the luxury of another Wild Things Retreat!!”
    Therese Boucher
  • “Sometimes in the past, I set personal goals based on what society thinks should be done without realizing that was what I was doing. The Wild Things gathering opened my eyes to knowing the difference between what I truly want my life to be and what others say it should be. It was very empowering to know there were other women out there in the world struggling through the same journey.”
    Sherri Weber
  • “For me, the Wild Thing Retreat was about connecting with our collective intuition as women, discovering our own wisdom and story in a beautiful and nurturing environment, and returning home, feeling confident and empowered in my life.”  Laura Lafevers

So now, the only question remains:  Are YOU a WILD THING? 

Yes, I am! Please add me to the Wild Thing Pack, so I can be updated on new trips and dates!

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